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Bridal Smile Makeover

Your Big Day

    Wedding Smile Makeovers are in style at StarZ’ Dental Clinic.

    Wedding photos last a lifetime. And the last thing a bride wants is for her and her wedding party to look less than their best. That’s where Rosanie Nabbout, steps in.

    As top level Beirut dentists, Dr. Nabbout enjoys sharing time with the many couples, with bridesmaids and family that come to her for wedding smile makeovers. She is fully prepared to be at your service for the ultimate catering to your Wedding Smile Makeover needs, that can be designed with all of your desires in mind.

    The makeover could go from improving your smile with composite tooth colored restorations, obtain tooth whitening, receive dental veneers, have a gingivoplasty or gum recontouring, or have any other general or cosmetic dentistry procedure, as long as you get your desired Hollywood Smile Makeover.

    Teeth whitening basics :

    • Commence your whitening regimen one month before your wedding.
    • In-surgery whitening uses a gel that is activated by laser, UV or LED light. It’s usually a quicker option, but can be expensive, and best avoided by those with teeth sensitivity.
    • The at-home DIY alternative is cheaper and it’s the ideal solution for anyone prone to sensitive teeth.
    • Whitening toothpastes are not as effective and they’re abrasive, which can lead to excessive sensitivity.

    The most appropriate time for a bride to whiten her teeth is about a month before her wedding, so she doesn’t risk having sensitive teeth on the big day.

    We invite you to explore the rest of our website to learn more about what makes our practice different and contact us for more information about your wedding smile makeover. We are confident you will be pleased with our attentiveness to your special needs at this most special time.