Starz Dental Clinic
  • Starz Dental Clinic is a state of the art clinic providing high quality dental care.
  • We can solve all your dental problems.
  • Creating beautiful smiles uniquely designed for you.
  • We give you a reason to smile.
  • A marriage of art and science.
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Dr. Rosanie Nabbout

    Who We Are

    If you've ever felt that your smile was holding you back, or that you haven't found a dentist who can help you get rid of your dentist’s phobia , maybe it is time to meet our Doctor.

    Dr Rosanie Nabbout is caring, professional and exceptionally talented in dentistry. She has had many years of experience and extensive training. She always attends continuing education that allows her to constantly learn the newest in dentistry and modern procedures to have the best ways to serve you.

    She has an eye for esthetics and is passionate about creating beautiful smile transformations. She is simply dedicated to excellence!!!

    Dr. Rosanie Nabbout graduated from Saint Joseph University , College of Dentistry (Beirut -Lebanon) and has many years of private practice. She also earned an MBA ( Beirut) , and the American National Board certification in USA where she studied and worked for many years.

    Dr Nabbout's focus is on cosmetic and laser dentistry.

    -She is a member of :
    -ADA : the American Dental Association
    -LDA : Lebanese Dental Association
    -AACD: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
    -AGD : Academy of General Dentistry

    Dr. Nabbout was trained with intense, hands-on courses in USA for the world's top cosmetic dentists. She is passionate about dentistry as an art, and how it can be used to change patients' lives for the best.

    She is dedicated to continuing education having completed advanced training in USA mainly in esthetics and also laser dentistry , restorative dentistry , 3D imaging, Dental SPA , etc...

    What We Do

    When you enter our state-of-the-art dental clinic you will see that it is not like any other .

    We give our patients an environment where they will feel relaxed and comfortable. We know that providing exceptional service starts from the waiting room.

    Therefore, while you wait for your appointment to begin, you can relax listening to calm music, read a magazine ,watch TV or a DVD movie of your choice, or even use the wi-fi internet connection, while sipping a hot or cold beverage. Moving to the next step will be much easier for those who are usually afraid of the dental chair.

    At STARZ” Dental Clinic we understand that your privacy is very important and your time is valuable. Both of these will always be treated with lot of consideration at our office. We believe that when you choose us as your dentist, we are entering into a long-term relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

    At STARZ’ , you will love everything about your experience, your smile , your affordable options... and yourself !!!