Starz Dental Clinic
  • Starz Dental Clinic is a state of the art clinic providing high quality dental care.
  • We can solve all your dental problems.
  • Creating beautiful smiles uniquely designed for you.
  • We give you a reason to smile.
  • A marriage of art and science.
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Dental Tourism

    Guests travel from all over the world for a STARZ’ smile makeover.

    Lebanon has shown wide success in several medical areas which increased the medical and dental tourism. Also Lebanon is considered one of the leading countries in plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

    While dental tourists, people may travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations. If you are seeking high quality dental care at reasonable prices and at the same time you need an exotic vacation, or maybe you are coming “home” for holidays or summer vacation with the family, so why not have a “ dental vacation ” in Lebanon. Give us a visit at the STARZ’.

    Imagine coming to Beirut for a few days of sun, fun, shopping and sightseeing and then returning home with the spectacular new smile that you have always dreamed about!

    We have clients from all across Lebanon, and from around the world who come for excellence in Cosmetic dentistry. Many of our patients travel mostly from the Middle east, Gulf countries, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrein , Kuwait, KSA etc , even Europe and America.

    Visiting Beirut for your Smile Makeover will be an inviting escape from ordinary. Your visit will include personalized attention, a wealth of comforts and exciting local attractions to see.


    We are located just 10 minutes away from Beirut Downtown, where you can enjoy Lebanon's prime lifestyle amenities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping souks...etc.


    We are just 30 minutes away from renowned mountain resorts like Zaarour & Faraya, where you can experience breathtaking views or fearlessly ride the daring slopes.


    Walking distance from Starz Dental Clinic is Zalka Shopping Street, consisting of several brands outlets, designers house, theaters, hotels, cofee shops, restaurants...etc.


    Additionally in 5 minutes time you can cut your way to ABC & City Mall shopping centers, where you can spot & get the most luxurious and trendiest brands.

    Express Dental Service for Out of Lebanon Guests

    For those traveling to Lebanon for their Smile Makeover or any other single or combination of treatments, we offer an express service. By accelerating the normal laboratory processwe can complete your treatment within a three to five day period. Remember, no request is too small so don’t hesitate to tell us to arrange an express visit!

    For a free smile evaluation, send us a close-up photo of your face with a big smile and get your “before and after” simulation photo in the same day.

    For more information on tourism activities you can visit